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Is it always legal to snap?

Many people believe that photographing people without their knowledge or consent is an invasion of privacy and therefore against the law. However, you might be surprised to learn that leaving aside the moral issues that this might raise, in Australia it is (on the face of it) perfectly legal. This... read more

Ask Valerie: How can I get into corporate writing?

There are many genres in writing. Crime and thriller writing. Memoir writing. Travel writing. Some of these can conjure images of exciting plots or exotic locales. But not all genres evoke this same kind of romance or glamour. Like corporate writing. But wait. Before you screw your nose up at... read more

7 effective time management tips for freelance copywriters

You can’t beat the freedom and flexibility that come with being a freelance writer – but that doesn’t mean that freelance writing is an easy job. Some people, particularly those who wouldn’t generally be considered self-starters, often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to... read more

Write your way to a better life

Through our writing courses, we have helped thousands of Australians achieve their dreams of becoming better writers and even published authors. As anyone who has picked up a pen will know, writing is not an easy thing to do, so many people avoid it, even though they may dream of... read more

Melanie Dower: Freelancing from Finland

When Melanie Dower (pictured) relocated from Auckland, New Zealand to Helsinki, Finland to join her husband in his dream job, it turned her whole world upside down. Here, on the other side of the globe, she struggled to find a job on par with her previous field as she wasn... read more

Emily McAuliffe’s successful venture into full-time travel writing

Emily McAuliffe can’t remember what first prompted her to do a writing course – possibly just for “something to do”. However, many words later, she now lives in Portugal and works as a full-time writer – with work published here and overseas! Getting started “I had no real expectations and... read more

3 top tips to make you a better freelance writer

Being a freelance writer is a little bit like juggling five frogs at the same time, while each of those frogs juggles tiny chainsaws. There’s a lot going on – different publications, different styles, different stories and more. And that’s where experienced freelancers Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait are... read more

Michaela Fox: Blogger turned successful freelance writer

As a blogger, Michaela Fox was already loving being able to write while at home, but it was almost too comfortable. The idea of working as a freelance writer and earning a living really appealed. “Being able to freelance from home is just the ideal situation for me,” she says... read more

Catherine Rodie: overcoming dyslexia to become a successful writer

Catherine Rodie never thought she would become a writer. This limiting belief, coupled with her experience with dyslexia, meant that she hadn’t considered that writing could be a real career for her. But after completing a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre, that all changed. And now, she’s... read more

17 writing courses to do this summer!

Ahhhh summer – the sound of crashing waves, the gentle evening chirp of the cicadas, the sizzle of the BBQ, the tapping of the keyboard... Wait, what? That’s right. Summer is actually a GREAT time to learn a new writing skill, especially considering it coincides (here in the Southern Hemisphere... read more

Josefa Pete: research scientist becomes freelance feature writer

“Eighteen months ago, if someone had said to me you’re going to be doing freelance writing, I probably would have brushed it off and said ‘no way’…” And yet today Josefa Pete, busy mum to two boys, proudly calls herself a freelance writer, without a moment’s hesitation. So... read more

From social worker to successful freelance magazine writer

Lindy Alexander was working as a social worker two days a week when she decided to take the course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre. She says it’s the single most important thing she’s done in her life to turn her dream of becoming... read more

The Vault: Bernadette Schwerdt talks copywriting

Do you have an invention or piece of intellectual property that you'd like protected? Then it's a guarantee that you DON'T need a copywriter. (Instead, you'd want someone who specialises in copyright.) A copywriter is someone who writes words that sell – and one of the most... read more

How to keep track of all your freelance article ideas

If this is a problem for you, congratulations! We’re talking about having so many ideas for articles that you struggle to keep track of them all. While some people have a hard time coming up with ideas, we know that others seem to have an unending supply of them... read more

The 27 habits of highly successful copywriters

If you want to make it as an uber-successful copywriter, here are 27 habits you should nurture ... Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to buy the product. Why should he or she want to buy it? What are their interests, their worries? Tap into them... read more