Life Writing

We all have a story to share. Learn how to tell yours.

This course is ideal for: Anyone with a story to tell from an experience or time in their life

You will:
Feel empowered to find your unique voice
Share your own experiences in a compelling way
Add the right structure to your memories
Bring your story to life for your readers






SYDNEY (Milsons Point)
Starts Saturday 2 May 2020 , 10am-4pm
2 Saturdays
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SYDNEY (Milsons Point)
Starts Saturday 1 February 2020 , 10am-4pm
2 Saturdays

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MELBOURNE (Abbotsford)
Starts Saturday 14 March 2020 , 10am–4pm
2 consecutive days

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Take a trip back in time

The Australian Writers’ Centre is delighted to present a course on Life Writing with Patti Miller. The course explores creative autobiographical writing and will set you on the journey of writing your life. Patti is the author of Writing True Stories (Allen & Unwin 2017) and she will show you how to shape your experiences into a well written, absorbing story.

Patti will help you to:

  • create the lived reality of your experience on the page
  • awaken your memory and boost your creativity
  • bring details to life to make your story more compelling
  • find structure to your work
  • let your readers see and feel the emotional and physical reality of your life through dialogue, action and appealing to the senses
  • find your unique voice to say what you want to say
  • and MUCH more.

There will be some readings, discussion and lots of writing with individual comment on your work. By its completion you will have made a start on your life story and have the confidence and techniques to continue.

You know you have a story to tell.

It’s your story.

You can be young, old, or any age in between.

  • You don’t need decades of experience to write about your life.
  • You don’t have to write about achieving success or overcoming obstacles.
  • You can have a perfectly ordinary life – and this course will help you learn how to find and reveal the extraordinary part of it.
  • You’ll discover, heal, share and explore a world of writing that’s bound to change … your life.

Participants will need to acquire a copy of the course text, Writing True Stories, (Allen & Unwin 2017 ed.) by Patti Miller, available at all good bookshops.

The course will give you practical guidance but also provide encouragement towards continuing to write and believing you can document your own life story.

- Christine Danger

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