Screenwriting for Television

Screenwriting for Television

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This course is ideal for: Anyone who loves the idea of writing their own television series

You will:
Learn plotting tools for creating television drama, including how the writers’ room works
Craft three-dimensional characters and learn how to dramatise them on the page
Gain skills to write an effective audition scene for your protagonist
Discover the key elements required to devise a successful television series
Receive personal feedback on your material
Understand current trends in Australia’s television industry






SYDNEY (Milsons Point)
To be announced
Two consecutive days

You’re living in the Golden Age of television – now is your chance to be part of it!

Never before has there been such a demand for screen content – it's the Golden Age of drama, and television is booming.

This course will give you an overview on all aspects of writing television drama – from plotting, crafting characters with impact, understanding what makes a successful television premise, and the tools to reflect that in your own writing. Television screenwriting it also about working collaboratively, networking with like-minded writers and creative compromise.

  • Have you ever watched a television show and thought “I could write that”?
  • Have you ever had an idea for a television drama, but no idea how to execute it?
  • Do you dream about the rush of an actor performing your dialogue?
  • Are you a storyteller looking to experiment with a new format?

What you will learn on this course

This two-day course will equip you with the fundamentals of television screenwriting. You’ll learn the key ingredients required to create a successful television show. You’ll analyse existing television drama premises, and examine case studies which put the protagonist’s flaw at the centre of the series.

You’ll also learn the essentials to creating characters – including their strengths, flaws, and their wound. You’ll learn the skeleton structure of dramatic scenes and write an audition scene to showcase your protagonist.

Then you’ll devise your own television drama! You’ll be able to express your premise, logline, synopsis and tagline. You’ll create a one sheet (pitch document) to convey your original series idea visually.

What you will get out of this course

  • An idea of how to approach devising your own television drama.
  • An appreciation of the collaborative process of television, and the chance to meet like-minded creatives.
  • An understanding of plotting.
  • The frameworks for devising a flawed protagonist.
  • Receive invaluable feedback on your original ideas and material.

At the end of the course you will

  • have created a flawed protagonist and written a 2-page audition scene
  • devised a television drama series
  • have created a one sheet for your original drama series.

Meet your presenter

Holly Lyons is a writer and script producer with extensive experience in Australia and the UK. She has worked for Home and Away (Network Seven) as script producer and script editor, and is currently a freelance writer for the show. Other credits include: Neighbours (Fremantle), The Skinner Boys and Sam Fox Extreme Adventures (SLR Productions), Dani’s House (The Foundation), Bananas in Pyjamas (Southern Star), My Parents are Aliens (ITV), Fireman Sam (HIT), Buzz Bumble (Blue Rocket) and Kuu Kuu Harajuku (Moody Street Productions). Holly’s play Space Virgins was a finalist in the Australian Theatre For Young People Foundation Commission.

In the UK, Holly co-created the action comedy, Help! I’m a Teenage Outlaw (ITV). She also script edited Emmerdale, an ITV prime-time soap, and later became staff writer. Holly's worked on Crossroads (ITV) as series script executive. She wrote the pilot script for the animated series, Hana’s Helpline (Five UK) and wrote the pilot for Horrid Henry (Novel Entertainment), based on the books by Francesca Simon. Holly was selected to attend an European Broadcasting Union course, where her original series was awarded the prize of ‎€15,000 and a development deal with the BBC. Holly also worked as a development executive for Granada Kids in London.


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