Graduate Reviews

Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder

“Thank you for providing such fantastic courses in a way everyone can participate. I could not have done any of the courses I have done through you if I had to go to a school, but having them on demand online makes it doable for mums with little kids and people juggling multiple projects. Plus you provide great support and resources for writers everywhere for free AND the teaches are second to none industry pros. I am always singing your praises. You deserve it. You are a brilliant support for us writers.”

Kel Butler

“Anatomy of a Crime was compelling, with interesting insights into a fascinating topic. The case studies were great. Candice Fox is funny and clever and doesn’t pull her punches. You’ll love it.“

Sarah Leov

“This is a great course to add to your writer’s toolbox. You will learn heaps in a really short space of time, and also avoid some of the rookie errors as the pitfalls and plunders of new crime writers are clearly illustrated. Candice Fox was very interesting to listen to, the content was relevant and up to date and the exercises were creative and challenging.”


“You will learn everything, from the plan to the arrest to the scene to life in prison. The course has many handy videos, research and activities to do.”

Romayne Pavan

“If you are interested in writing about murder this is the perfect course because you have access to a wide variety of information that helps build your plot. You get inside the head and heart of the murderer. Anatomy of a Crime exceeded my expectations – having access to videos, transcripts and podcasts enhanced the content and I have been enjoying every aspect.”

Sue Downey

“If you like to both read and write murder then this course is a bloody ripper, People would kill for an opportunity like this.”

Andrew Carter

“Anyone who wants to learn more about writing should check out Australian Writers’ Centre courses. They have a course to suit everyone and it’s great how they’ve got different locations and online modules.”

Julie Dickson

“I embarked on the Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder a few weeks back. The course material applies equally well to true crime and creative writers. You could also do it purely for interest as the content is fascinating. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this course exceeds and excites. It’s extraordinary value for money. There are 8 modules, all with research and writing activities. Please, AWC, more subject-focused online courses like this.”

Anne Hayes