Graduate Reviews

Workplace Writing Workshop

“Kate is an excellent communicator who not only knows but is passionate about what she delivers. I really enjoyed the clear flow of information. This course is for everyone. Improved business writing improves overall communication.”

Dave Cusack

“The content was good and relevant to the workplace, completing the practice questions was really helpful. The way Kate went through the content was great, she really knew her stuff. She got everyone involved and I really enjoyed the day. I loved doing the Business Writing Essentials course at the Australian Writers Centre. I would recommend you go if you need more confidence, clarity and tools to improve your communications through writing in the workplace.”

Grace Lyden

“ I enjoyed the discussions around language and its uses. Kate was brilliant, very easy to engage with and very cheerful. I don’t think any changes need to be made to the course! I have already told people that Business Writing Essentials is really useful and has already helped me to improve my written communications at work.”

Claire Atkins

“I enjoyed the group discussions. Listening to real stories on how to use what we’ve learnt really put everything into context. It was also great to reflect on realistic examples of good vs bad writing. Kate has really good energy and is great at keeping the pace of the class. She uses real examples and made sure that we were all engaged. I learnt a lot at this course and it was really fun! I quite like writing so it was really refreshing to learn about how I could improve my business writing. It has made me rethink my writing and the way our company portrays itself through its communications.”

Leanne Waddell

“The concepts and principle were broken down and well explained. I was able to apply everything we learned to my work. Kate is a fantastic teacher. She was able to explain all the material in a clear and engaging way. I would 10/10 recommend this to anyone looking to build confidence in writing or to refresh on the basics.”

Sam Schilling

“Thank you very much for offering such a course on business writing, not very many of such courses are available in the market place. I can directly apply valuable golden rules on business writing at my workplace. I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues, or professionals seeking to brush up their business writing and plain English skills. I am impressed with the content and delivery of the course, Kate has a very pleasant personality, and she ensured no query during the course was left out.”

Harsh Kalra

“Kate is a great presenter. Her easy-going nature put everyone at ease and she tried to include everybody in her discussions which makes for an engaging and interesting learning experience. One of the techniques we learned has become an asset for my daily work life. Workplace Writing Workshop is beneficial for anyone who does letter writing, corresponds with customers or internal/external stakeholders. You go away with lots of techniques which provide you with confidence to do your job.”

Amisha Singh

“The content was relevant and up-to-date and covered all areas. Kate was very knowledgeable, gave plenty of examples and asked for feedback while keeping everyone engaged. This is a nice introduction course, which sets the foundation for professional writing.”

Vikram Shivalkar

“I enjoyed the simplistic way in which the content was delivered. I found Kate to be very engaging and knowledgeable. No improvements needed, I thought it was perfect. I learned that it’s the simple changes we can make that make the biggest difference.”

Tammy Alford

“Kate was excellent, knows her stuff and kept the course flowing and on time the whole day. She must have a sore mouth from smiling for so long, great teacher. You need to go, you will be surprised with what you are taught. You’ll become more productive as a result.”

Carl Toson

“The presenter was very engaging. The in-class exercises were helpful and the tips provided were very practical. I enjoyed the interactive exercises. Kate was very clear, logical and had excellent knowledge of the topic. This is a really practical course that would really help you with everyday business writing. It is definitely worth a shot.”

Amy Liu

“Kate and the content were fabulous, engaging, good fun and I loved the location! Thank you. I have completed a copywriting course online which has helped me immensely, however, doing a course in person is always better. Kate’s engaging style and practical examples. I loved Kate’s engaging style and practical examples, she works in corporate and used relevant examples to teach. I will highly recommend and hope to do the professional writing course and/or the Grammar and Punctuation Essentials course! AWC delivered on its course description. Presenters are engaging and content is relevant and useful. I can’t get enough wish I could do one of these courses a couple of times a year!”

Maryanne Coffey

“It was a well-structured course. The material and outline of topics discussed were clear and had a good flow to understand the fundamentals of business writing. The presenter was knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was talking about. Her delivery and presentation styles were clear and open. This course is structured well for any practitioner from any industry to help write a clear and concise message.”

Freddie Lazar

“Kept my attention the whole day. Lots of good content, well presented and easy to follow. Kate was just fantastic!! I was worried there was going to be too much content, that the day would be one big rush and blur – I was pleasantly proved wrong! The Business Writing workshop is an informative and transformative course giving participants key skills to improve all forms of their writing. Aimed at business writing, but there are obvious crossovers. THANK YOU – this is one of the best AWC courses I have attended.”

Rebecca Davidson

“I did not feel fatigued at any point. The course was flawless with relevant content. Beautiful location, engaging presenter, and comfortable venue. I thoroughly enjoyed everything – including discussions as a group, and focus on certain simple yet powerful tips to improve business writing. The presenter couldn’t be better. Kate is at home with the course. She was able to engage everyone with no effort. It is useful for anyone in any capacity. Please attend.”

Niv Srivastava

“I’ll use tips on structure of emails and using plain English, and I’ll use the supplementary materials provided. Kate was very engaging, and knowledgeable on all aspects of writing. I enjoyed her anecdotes throughout the course.”

Lisa Green

“Kate was fabulous! I really enjoyed her engaging style and practical examples. Kate works in corporate and used relevant examples to teach. Australian Writers’ Centre delivered on its course description. Their presenters are engaging and content is relevant and useful. I can’t get enough – I wish I could do one of these courses a couple of times a year! Thank you!”

Maryanne Coffey

“I thought that the techniques from the course were informative and useful. Kate was very positive and a great communicator.”

Jackie Brown

“I really enjoyed the participation aspects of the course. Kate was professional and knowledgable. If you have trouble writing succinct, professional emails, this course is for you.”

Emily Davies

“I enjoyed the interactive exercises. Kate Hennessy was very clear, logical and had excellent knowledge of the topic. Writing at Work is a really practical course that would really help you with everyday business writing. It is definitely worth a shot.”

Amy Liu