Graduate Testimonials

Workplace Writing Workshop

“I’ll use tips on structure of emails and using plain English, and I’ll use the supplementary materials provided. Kate was very engaging, and knowledgeable on all aspects of writing. I enjoyed her anecdotes throughout the course.”

Lisa Green

“Kate was fabulous! I really enjoyed her engaging style and practical examples. Kate works in corporate and used relevant examples to teach. Australian Writers’ Centre delivered on its course description. Their presenters are engaging and content is relevant and useful. I can’t get enough – I wish I could do one of these courses a couple of times a year! Thank you!”

Maryanne Coffey

“I thought that the techniques from the course were informative and useful. Kate was very positive and a great communicator.”

Jackie Brown

“I really enjoyed the participation aspects of the course. Kate was professional and knowledgable. If you have trouble writing succinct, professional emails, this course is for you.”

Emily Davies

“I enjoyed the interactive exercises. Kate Hennessy was very clear, logical and had excellent knowledge of the topic. Writing at Work is a really practical course that would really help you with everyday business writing. It is definitely worth a shot.”

Amy Liu

“Kate Hennessy was excellent. She knows her stuff and kept the course flowing and on time the whole day. The style guide we received is a great tool to refer to.”

Carl Toson

“I enjoyed the way in which the content was delivered. I found Kate to be very engaging and knowledgeable.”

Tammy Alford

“Kate’s Writing at Work course was extremely helpful. Learning about the key questions one should ask when writing for business purposes has already proven to be invaluable. The course was both informative and engaging, and Kate was a fantastic presenter. She facilitated detailed discussion of the tips and guidelines included in the course, so that everyone understood how they could apply their new knowledge in a workplace context. I finished the course feeling equipped with the tools I need to tackle business writing head on!”

Sarah Carman

“Practical advice; well resourced with very good post course reference material.”

John Stewart-Mckenzie

“The way Kate explained everything to us was amazing. I really enjoyed how we were taught something and then given a short exercise straight afterwards to test our skills then went over it to see our results. AAA+++”

Nirvana Zreika

“I’ve learnt that sometimes simple is better. Kate was very professional and a great teacher. Great examples and templates were provided too.”

Daniel Brown

“Kate was clear and engaging. There was a logical flow, which made the course enjoyable for me. Take home notes were also great. I have told my colleagues and others that the course was helpful, interesting and that my writing is better for it.”

Isa Mu

“The workbook was easy to follow and Kate did a great job. She is an enthusiastic and approachable presenter. The course was comprehensive and covered a lot in a single day.”

Scott Feeney

“The presenter was excellent. He was clear, patient, dug deeper into topics and approachable.”

Ana Ribeiro

“I enjoyed re-learning a lot of things I’d forgotten, and learning the technically correct methods of doing certain things. Deb was very good. She clearly has a lot of in-depth knowledge on the subject and had a nice interaction with everyone. I found the course a lot of fun.”

Johney D’Halla

“Tony is very good. I was particularly impressed with his passion to increase the ‘human side’ into business writing. The course succinctly covers key areas that can be applied in any written communication.”

Victoria Ilagan

“This is a good course for building the foundations of writing business letters.”

Andrew Bardsley

“Tony was excellent. He has a good knowledge of his subject.”

Catherine Ferrara

“Very good, subjects were covered to help us understand the correct methods and then put them into a written format.”

Frances McLoughlin

“Great revelations in the ’11 golden rules’ for business writing. Excellent content – I feel it has given me quick wins immediately. Kate was excellent. If you want quick wins in improving your communication, go to this seminar.”

Ben Dodd