Graduate Reviews

Plain English Business Writing

“Kate’s knowledge was amazing, and her guidance was brilliant. I really enjoyed the day and took some valuable lessons from it. To get a proper handle on your writing, go to the Writers’ Centre!”

Julie Street-Smith

““Excellent general principles that everyone should know, but few are formally taught. Engaging throughout the day and showed a good range of experience which helped her connect with a diverse group of people. I am an experienced writer, but even I learned some useful tips that I will use in the future.”

Steve Bows

“I enjoyed the round table discussion and being able to meet others. I liked the interactive nature of the day. Kate was very knowledgeable and able to share insights about her own experiences being a professional business writer – she was great. The AWC provides professional learning that you can do online or face-to-face. You always learn something new and come away with practical ways to improve your writing.”

Kirsty Russell

“The course was well structured, and the information is practical, relevant and comprehensive. It is one thing to present information well but another to inspire confidence your students. Kate does both these things very well. She also used lots of examples drawn from her own experience that added interest and helped to hold our attention. Great courses. Great atmosphere. Well worth the investment.”

Isobel Stephenson

“The training provided clear information and tips that I can use in my workplace. Kate’s presentation and manner were friendly and professional with precise instructions. I felt that her training style was perfect and well-paced for the attendees. AWC is great, everyone would benefit from the training with practical tips and information to improve their communication skills.”

Robbie Park

“AWC is a good organisation to go with – great location (close to train), current content, not daunting or boring – the day went really quickly which is always a good indication of how interesting it is. Presenters are always engaging, informative and helpful.”

Brooke Thompson

“Kate was friendly, smiley, approachable and great responsive manner with mature aged students. She went at a practical pace that suited my level of retention for a one day course. The notes booklet was edited beautifully and a good resource to bring back to work. You’ll be surprised at how many new writing and editing tools you’ll come away with to review your own work and re-shape the way you approach your writing using simpler, clearer and more effective plain English.”


“Kate was excellent. The course was fun, informative and exactly what I was looking for. Kate was very knowledgeable, a great communicator and clearly has a passion for writing. If you want to get better at professional business writing, then do this course.”

Paul Convery

“The course was interactive in a relaxed environment. Kate was excellent! She is very knowledgeable and presented the content in a way that was easy to absorb. I think everyone should take this course, especially those who are client facing – company reputation depends on it.”

Lisa Davias

“I loved that there was so much interaction in a small group. Kept it interesting and everyone got to have their input. Kate was delightful, full of enthusiasm and energy, kept our attention and was also very open to feedback. I would definitely recommend the Centre. I have done two courses there now.”

Meridy Barnes

“It’s a must for everyone – even just as a refresher on writing basics, it reminded me to do simple things that make a huge difference. Thanks to Kate, a really great presenter that knows her stuff and makes the learning easy to remember, interesting and fun.”

Lauren Bolton

“Kate was a fantastically knowledgeable, patient and engaging teacher. She maintained energy levels and interest from all of us by balancing explanations with activities and excellent real-life examples and assistance with some of our real life questions.”

Leola Lachs

“I had an idea of what to expect, but was really pleasantly surprised by the value and clear insight delivered throughout the day. I’ve just completed my first client report since taking the course and have found what I learned invaluable. Professional Business Writing was relevant and worth making the time to get to. It’s improved my writing quality and efficiency. Kate was fantastic, she had a friendly and straight up style that worked perfectly for the group.”

Erryn Balzan

“Kate was brilliant at keeping us engaged right until the end of the class. It was an interactive course which made the learning enjoyable. I can highly recommend this course and I’m really excited for the next one. Kate is excellent at teaching the material. It was honestly a fun and beneficial day.”

Sarah Mitchell

“Thank you again Kate for the course. My writing has improved and it’s great to be able to stop and correct myself prior to hitting send.”


“I liked the class size and the excellent presenter. Kate was knowledgeable, experienced and had an uncanny knack for being able to identify the needs of each of us and provide us all with great value. The course is very practical and actually enjoyable. The location was also beautiful. I would say I had fun and learned a lot and that I should have done this course 20 years ago!”

Jo Buchanan

“I enjoyed that it was an interactive workshop. Kate was engaging and knowledgeable. She made the workshop more interesting.”

Wendy An

“There were so many techniques that I can adopt to improve my writing skills. Kate was very professional and friendly. She used some real life examples to demonstrate the writing techniques, which I found very beneficial. If you think you know it all, you should definitely do this course. Thank you very much Australian Writers’ Centre.”

Joe Liu

“I enjoyed the mix of short individual exercises and class teaching. Kate was personable, knowledgeable and approachable. The course provided insight into the areas of my business writing that could be improved and provided me with some new tools.”

Eliza Kerle

“I really enjoyed how the interactive nature of the course provided an opportunity to discuss practical applications of what was being taught. Kate is very engaging. She was able to explain the ‘rules’, but also willing to explore when circumstances call for them to be broke. She’s a breath of fresh air as a presenter. The Australian Writers’ Centre provides courses that are practical in nature, rather than being purely academic. These types of course will alway get better results from students.”

Daneta Crump