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Whatever the case, we invite you to make AWC your next step this week as we take up to 40% off dozens of our popular online courses! New writers, old writers, and everyone in between – NOW is the perfect time to launch, refresh or energise your skill set.

Short Story Essentials (more info)

With personalised feedback

Travel Writing (more info)

Bring a world of destinations to life

Content Writing (more info)

A step-by-step guide to writing powerful content quickly.

Dare to Dream (more info)

Find your voice and tell your story with Kate Forsyth

Professional Business Writing (more info)

Save time, communicate clearly and write with confidence.

Reinvent Yourself (more info)

Your motivational guide to getting started as a writer.

Writing Chapter Books for 6-9 year olds (more info)

Inspire a new generation of readers...

Romance Writing (more info)

How to make your readers fall in love with your novel

Creative Non-fiction (more info)

Craft compelling true stories that resonate with readers.

Fiction Essentials: CHARACTERS (more info)

Create compelling and memorable characters your readers will love.

Fiction Essentials: DIALOGUE (more info)

Learn the secrets to crafting compelling conversations.

Fiction Essentials: GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION (more info)

Master what you need to know to create a professional manuscript.

Fiction Essentials: POINT OF VIEW (more info)

Master this vital skill in fiction writing.

Fiction Essentials: SCENES (more info)

Write vivid, gripping scenes that build your story and engage your reader

Fiction Essentials: STRUCTURE (more info)

Build a stronger, more satisfying story for your readers...

Your Audiobook Advantage (more info)

Maximise your author earnings and impact by tapping into the booming audiobook market

FOCUS ON Bundle 1: Openings, Second Act, Climax and Resolution (more info)

Learn the key points to writing every important stage of your story

FOCUS ON Bundle 2: Show Don’t Tell, Pace, Style and Tone (more info)

Explore key aspects of writing that ensure your novel works

FOCUS ON Bundle 3: Senses, Worlds, Subplots (more info)

Explore how to create depth in your story

FOCUS ON Bundle 4: Characters, Multiple POVS, Villains (more info)

Write compelling characters, from the the good guys to the bad

Plotting and Planning (more info)

Writing a novel without a plan is like going on a journey without a map. Discover how to stay on track.

Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder (more info)

Bring death to life with killer techniques and real cases.

Historical Fiction (more info)

Guide your readers through a long-lost world…

Laugh Out Loud (more info)

Crafting funny stories for kids.

Cut, Shape, Polish (more info)

How to edit your own stories

Writing Young Adult Fiction (more info)

How to write a young adult story that publishers will love

Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp (more info)

Be inspired with your own daily dose of creative momentum!

2 Hours to Scrivener Power (more info)

Organise your manuscript and write more efficiently

Make Time to Write (more info)

Don't have time to write? We'll show you where it's hiding...

Your Author Website (more info)

Get found online, connect with your readers and sell more books

Presenting to Kids (more info)

How to entertain a live audience of children with your stories

Self-publish your Novel on Kindle (more info)

Your first step to success as an indie author.

Book Covers That Sell (more info)

Because we DO judge a book by its cover.

Inside Publishing (more info)

What you need to know to get published.

Successful Self-publishing: Print and Ebooks (more info)

Your guide to publishing your own print and ebooks.

The Business of Freelancing (more info)

Working from home as a freelance writer? Here's how to work smarter.

Profile Writing (more info)

Learn the secrets to telling other people’s stories.

Real Estate Copywriting (more info)

Unlock the art of creating compelling property listings.

How to Write Media Releases (more info)

Get the right publicity and build your brand.

Write a Book That Showcases Your Expertise (more info)

Share your knowledge and grow your brand