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5 surprising writing tips from top Aussie authors

We know what you’re thinking. Ask a writer for writing tips and chances are they’ll say “read more” and “write more”. There’s a good reason for that. Reading widely and getting the words written are two cornerstones of every successful author’s career. But every week on the So You Want To

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Ep 473: Nita Prose on her worldwide bestseller ‘The Maid’.

The rise of BookTok and its incredible effect on the publishing industry. Books by women now achieving parity in media reviews. Why you need to beware of widows and orphans. Meet Nita Prose, author of the worldwide bestseller ‘The Maid’. And we have 3 copies of 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard to give away.

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Ep 468: Meet Ruth McIver, author of ‘I Shot The Devil’

Meet Ruth McIver, author of ‘I Shot The Devil’. Short story competitions you can enter; an eight-year-old novelist slips his handwritten book in a library shelf and it now has a year-long waiting list. Plus, we have 3 copies of ‘The Keepers’ by AWC alumna Al Campbell to giveaway.

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Ep 467: Meet Felicity Lewis, editor of ‘Explain That’.

Discover 7 tips to improve your writing. Meet Felicity Lewis, national explainer editor for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, on writing a great explainer and why readers love them so much. Plus, we have 3 copies of ‘Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter’ by Lizzie Pook to giveaway.

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Ep 466: Meet Kay Kerr, author of ‘Social Queue’

Meet Kay Kerr, author of ‘Social Queue’. Discover the adaptability of audiobooks and resources for police procedurals. I catch up with Penelope Janu and talk about her latest book ‘Clouds on the Horizon’. There are 3 copies of ‘The Bumper Treehouse Fun Book’ by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton to give away.

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