Podcast: So You Want to be a Copywriter

Ep 047: How to write an email welcome sequence

Email is not dead, never was, never will be. In this podcast you’ll learn how to prepare a welcome sequence so that you can kick start your email automations, communicate easily with prospects and turn casual visitors into paying customers. We also take a look at the ultimate checklist of

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Ep 043: How to charge for your copywriting work

Christian Simovic is a man on a mission. At just 22 years old and with only 10 months under his belt as an email copywriter, he has taken the risky path of offering his clients a no-results-no pay model. Gutsy? Yes, but it works and in this session he shows

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Ep 042: How to charge for your copywriting work

Charging the right fee for your copywriting services can be a hit and miss affair. Some people charge thousands and have no trouble finding clients. Others charge a pittance and can’t get a sale. What’s the difference? Here’s the truth – it’s not what you charge, it’s how you charge.

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Ep 039: How to find your first copywriting client

Starting something new is always hard. But have you found that once you get going, it gets easier? Finding your first copywriting client is no different. Once you get that first job under your belt you’ll find it gets a whole lot easier. This episode is a little bit different

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Ep 037: How to articulate your value as a copywriter

Would you like to turn your passion for copywriting into a six figure income? Then listen up, because Nikhil Rughani – Copy Connoisseur – did just that and he joins us on this podcast episode to share how. Did he have a background in copywriting Did he have a marketing

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Ep 031: How to create landing pages that generate leads and sales

Landing pages are a powerful way to generate more leads and conversions. But what’s the best way to set them up? Email marketing expert Kelsey Johnson explains in today’s episode. Kelsey Johnson is a Product Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of the world’s leading email automation platforms. She specialises in

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