Podcast: So You Want to be a Copywriter

Ep 006: How former teacher Tanya Enright reinvented her life to become a copywriter

In Episode 006 of So You Want To Be A Copywriter: After a workplace injury left her unable to teach again, Tanya Enright turned to copywriting as a new career.  It delivered in spades. 4 months after completing our short course, she packed up her bags, hit the road with her partner and three dogs, and has not looked back. In this episode, she tells us how she did it, why she did it, and how she managed to create a flourishing copywriting career so quickly.

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Ep 004: Catch.com.au co-founder Gabby Leibovich on how to build a billion-dollar online business

In Episode 004 of So You Want To Be A Copywriter: How do two Israeli brothers with no money, basic tech skills and patchy English build some of Australia’s most successful online businesses, with a combined exit valued of more than $1 billion? You may not know their faces but you’ll certainly know the brands they build – catch.com.au, Menulog, Scoopon and Luxury Escapes. What’s more, they did it on a budget and spent virtually zero on marketing. How did they do it? With great copywriting, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion to create a successful business.

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Ep 003: How much should a copywriter charge?

In Episode 003 of So You Want To Be A Copywriter: People love being a copywriter for lots of reasons – it’s portable, you can write from anywhere, you don’t need a degree in writing and it doesn’t matter how old you are. But the real reason why people like writing copy is because it’s so well paid, especially when compared to traditional writing work like journalism, creative writing and feature writing.

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Ep 001: How to become a highly paid copywriter

In Episode 001 of So You Want To Be A Copywriter: What is copywriting? Why are so many people interested in becoming one? What does it take to become a successful copywriter? Is it possible to make a living from copywriting? How can you get started as a freelance or ad agency copywriter?

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