More than 73 books published by AWC alumni and presenters in 2021!

More than 50 AWC alumni and presenters published books in 2021

Success comes in all shapes and sizes and for more than 62 of our alumni and presenters, it came in the size and shape of a published book.

That’s right, 51 alumni from the Australian Writers' Centre community published more than 57 books in 2021! Of course, that’s no surprise when they are taught by our award-winning presenters, who have also had a phenomenal year – publishing 17 books between them.

Are you ready for some more numbers? Here we go.


  • 23 picture books
  • 11 contemporary novels
  • 9 crime and thriller novels
  • 7 non–fiction books
  • 6 YA books
  • 6 memoirs
  • 6 books for young readers
  • 4 historical fiction books
  • And 1 fantasy in a pear tree.

Quite a sack full of success! We’re sure you’ll forgive us if we sit here with big grins on our faces saying, “Our students are simply the best.”

Here are some of the books our truly lovely graduates published in 2021:

Basically, that’s your reading list for the next year sorted. And if that’s not quite a large enough TBR pile for you, then there are also all the books published by our presenters and staff.

Congratulations to all of our published alumni and presenters.

And we hope that you – as part of our AWC family – enjoyed your own success this year, whether it was in the form of a book, a story, a course, a poem, an article, a notebook full of ideas, a writing buddy – or a reconnection to your creative life.

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